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How Much is a Good Idea Worth?

Our friends in other creative agencies told us we’re crazy to talk price on the Web site. Nobody does this. It’s always this big mystery. Creative is priceless they say… You’re too cheap… Do a long-term contract… You want to keep clients forever… 

Phooey. We don’t want to work like that. We want to rekindle that big, crazy passion of falling love. The fireworks and earthquakes that come from getting an exciting new client, staying up all night and flirting with exhaustion and delirium to create magic for them. 

Then we want to go home and sleep in for a couple days. So we’re putting all our pricing right here, on the page. No mysteries. 

– We charge a flat fee on a sliding scale from Non Profit to Fortune 500.

–  We’ll give you a flat price for the travel to cover the cheapest airfare, a mediocre hotel and a couple burgers.

–  Pay us up front for half our fee and travel (and we take Paypal, credit cards, checks etc).

– Then when we present our ideas, if you agree we nailed it, give us a check for the remainder. If we didn’t, you owe us nothing and we’ll pack up our ideas and go home.


Non Profits: $3500

Everyone else: $7500

Fortune 1000 and up: $10,000