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Change Everything This Week


I call it The 24 Hour Brand. Here’s the quick explanation.

I’ve been building brands, messaging systems and campaigns for a very long time. I owned my own agency, started another for a big technology group and built a corporate creative brainstorming facilitation processes that’s helped a lot of companies solve unique problems.

In one week, we’ll spend a total of 24 hours to solve your issue. I’ll spend a week researching your business and competitors. Then starting on Monday, I’ll work with your best and brightest to brainstorm, learn and explore how to improve your message.

Over this week, I’ll spend a lot of time with your people, a lot of time on my own and on Friday, I’ll come in and present a whole room full of solutions.

Add it up, and it’s 24 hours.

“I have engaged Chris to brand and build the marketing platform for several companies I have started & run. His ability to distill a complex product or service down to its essence, and to create powerful, impactive messaging has been key to my success. You won’t find a more creative, imaginative, or passionate agency to help launch your product or company than The 24 Hour Brand.”

 Jeff Connally

CEO, CMIT Solutions 

“With Chris’s extensive background in branding and creative work, he possesses an extremely talented eye for helping his clients achieve their visions. I’ve personally worked with Chris on several occasions and he was instrumental in helping develop extremely successful projects. His processes and attention to customer’s needs really shines through in his professionalism and the results he delivers.”

Mike Marlow

Technical Account Manager, Microsoft

“What’s always amazes me about Chris Greta is that he can come up with more creative ideas over a cup of coffee than an entire roomful of ad agency pros with computers and white boards and expensive retainers. And the ones he throws away are good enough to make someon else’s career memorable. I’ve never known anyone who has regretted working with Greta. He always has the best idea in any room. Hire him. Now.”

James C. Moore

Business Consultant/author, Big Bend Strategies


I’ve spent my life in creative agencies and solving big problems in a week was normal.

My experience working within large corporations was a little different. Everything took forever. I’m not that patient.

How can we solve this? I’m going to turn your company into a creative agency for a week.

As a Creative Director, it’s always been my job to get the best thinking out of my people. Inspire them to visualize what COULD be and push good ideas further. You’ve already got more institutional knowledge about your brand, your offering and your market than any outside agency can ever muster, so why not utilize all that raw talent and let me focus it on building out new thinking and making new decisions. People who say they’re terrible at this sort of thing come out with brilliant insights that can spark more brilliant insights.

The key is to recognize those seeds of big ideas and help grow them into something.

Make a list of who you’d want involved and Monday and Tuesday let’s get them in a room from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Sales, marketing, upper management, stakeholders and non-stakeholders alike. I’ve had as many as 50 people in an auditorium rethinking their brand. Ideally, we’d have from 10 to 20 participants.

They don’t have to worry about being “creative” or “marketing experts” or anything else. They just have to bring an open mind and everything they know about your brand, market and competitors.

I’ll take it from there.

“Chris provided excellent advice throughout our project. He is a truly creative mind that understands how to apply it all to real-world issues and provide visual solutions.”

Kecia Gray

Communications Leader at Transplace

“Chris is a rare breed. He’s an art director who can write better than a lot of copywriters, he’s good at strategy, he’s terrific with clients, and he’s funny as hell. If I didn’t like him so much, I’d hate him.”

David George

Creative Director


The 24 Hour Brand is simple

Here’s how it works.

  1. Half to start plus flat travel costs (flight, car and hotel, I’ll eat on my own dime).
  2. I’ll send a questionnaire to your people and do the research for the week prior to our engagement.
  3. We’ll work Monday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. We’ll kick things off with my findings and start the discussions.
  4. We’ll work Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
  5. Wednesday and Thursday I work on my own.
  6. Friday I come in at 1:00 and present the creative. By 5:00 PM everyone will go home knowing they had a huge impact on the future.
  7. If you don’t agree we’ve all solved the problem, you don’t pay the second half.

That’s a pretty good guarantee.

“I am always impressed with the creativity that comes from Chris’s leadership and sharp mind. He has a great ability to see through the clients clutter and key in on concepts that deliver results. Chris and his team can create and execute!”

Jeff Lutz

President Catalyst Worx

“Chris was always a pleasure to work with and provided us with extremely creative ideas. His high energy and positive attitude are contagious. He is a great asset to any marketing team.”

Susie Capozza Grandi

Intel Marketing, Dell


Companies get stuck in amber. Decisions get bogged down in committee. Creative agencies get bored or just run out of ideas.

There could be a hundred reasons why a quick blast of free thinking can change everything.

And the investment was small but now it’s obscenely huge and who knows, I might get away with it. You could be a Fortune 500 company generating billions and for a flat fee, you can generate a room full of new thinking that could make you a fortune. And you’ll get better internal buy-in because your own people will be instrumental in the new ideas.

One week. Just one week.

“I highly endorse Chris Greta if anyone is considering him for his marketing services. Not only is he a creative genius but he’s able to work with key executives and drive consensus in very condensed timeframes. I’ve personally watched his process and have been amazed as he’s handed complex situations but yet delivers highly effective strategies in short timeframes.”

 Ken Gilley

Account Executive, Catapult Systems

“Chris is a creative genius… waaay outside the box. He’s a great resource for developing and executing high impact guerilla marketing programs that deliver excellent results.”

Steve Harriman

CMO Packet Design

“Chris Greta is a rare creative diamond. There are a bunch of creative types at all agencies, but none that I have dealt with, combines the ability to understand the project goals and carry the creative concept all the way through to completion. I worked with Chris on launching the first city site for Austin and Chris’ creative nailed the message, audience, and call to action. We were so successful on launch day that we crashed the servers. The creative is so good, I still have it as artwork in my office.”

William McKinney

Product Marketing Manager, IBM Corporation

“People say Chris thinks out of the box. Not so! In Chris’ world, there is no box. Only infinite creative solutions he seems so adept at seeing. Chris fits no archetype I’ve ever known. He simultaneously makes and breaks all the rules. His ideas are so simple and distilled you slap your head and think, ‘Well, duh! That’s the obvious way to do that”. But, you wouldn’t have ever thought of it yourself. That’s why you hire The 24 Hour Brand.”

Lee Thomas

CIO, Cort

“Over the years I have needed the expertise of a marketing and creative design partner to help launch new products and even companies. One person I always turn to is Chris. Chris is an amazingly creative individual and has developed a methodology that drives creative results in a very short timeframe. Chris’ advice and creative proposals never fail to squarely address the marketing challenge and deliver unique and high impact results. Chris has helped me repeatedly develop powerful brand images and messaging, innovative techniques to deliver the message and clever devices to drive interest. Regardless of company situation, from start-up to large enterprise setting, Chris is one person I trust and rely on.”

Bruce Flory

CMO, Adlucent

“Chris is a creative genius. He has a unique ability to assess clients needs and quickly formulate marketing strategies. Time and time again I see client’s nodding their heads in agreement as he presents his creative solutions.”

Kenneth R. Gilley

Catapult Systems

“Chris Greta worked with our team to develop our new brand in the most creative and unique way I’ve been associated with. He is a creative genius. In a very short window he listened and absorbed our service solutions, boiled them down to the true customer benefits, then created a branded product offering that we have moved forward with. The uniqueness is in the process he executes, the speed in which he does it, and the unbelievable creativity he offers… It can’t be duplicated. We will use Chris’s skills again and again.”

Jerry Phillips

CEO, NineRuns


Or if you want a fresh approach, I’ve got great relationships with some top creative firms. I can introduce you.

Pretty simple. Keep any relationships you like and make no big commitments. No contracts. No retainers. When you need me, I’ll be here.

“Chris Greta is probably the best Creative Director I’ve worked with in my career. (I know, that’s saying a lot.) Whether it’s creative, branding or positioning, Chris is superb. I’ve used Chris with multiple clients and have been consistently impressed by his originality and his ability to crystalize often fuzzy marketing concepts into amazing designs, strategies and campaigns. Chris is as good as they get, and I highly recommend him.”

John Doyle

Managing Partner, LGE Execs

“Not only did Chris deliver us great value, he’s a blast to work with.”

Noah Zandan

CEO, Quantified Communications


I’m ready to help you:

  • Create a new campaign theme
  • Rethink your whole brand message
  • Web rethink
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • New marketing strategies
  • New product naming
  • Corporate team building with actual results

This process can be a great team building exercise. Everyone has input and everyone has a piece of the final decisions. There are corporate team building exercises that can become downright silly and everyone will endure them. In the end, they might actually work better together, but did everyone actually PRODUCE something? With The 24 Hour Brand, you’ll use your talent pool to solve real problems. That’s probably a lot more useful than falling backwards off a table. And safer.

“Chris combined great creativity with measured results and that is a rare find in ad agencies. His approach is simple so that all can understand as well as incredibly effective.”

Jacob Stark

Digital Strategy, Curves International

“Chris is one that thinks outside the box and then makes the box a reality. His creativity and ability to make the creativity productive toward your goals makes Chris a rare find. With over 25 years of experience with Chris there are no reservations referring Chris to others.”

Sam Heffernan

The Garland Companies

“Chris Greta unleashes innovation with an edge. His branding work makes you think, and often makes you smile. The opportunity to work with Chris created a seismic shift for Ballet Austin, opening our eyes to the exploration of the intersection between tech and the arts. Chris knows branding inside out.”

Cookie Ruiz

Executive Director, BalletAustin


On a typical engagement, I could come up with 30 or 40 or 50 concepts. Once it starts flowing, I go till I collapse.

I draw up the concepts on big sheets of paper with a felt pen. It’s the best way to see ideas. You don’t get tangled up in layouts and colors and type fonts. You see the raw concept and can judge each idea on it’s own merit.

I’ve done this so many times for so many types of companies, that many of my clients have given the process their own names.

Big Chief (as in the name of the big tablets I use).

Wallpaper Session (I usually cover the walls of a conference room with ideas).

RoomStorm (I loved this name… I turn the whole room into a brainstorming session).

“I always love brainstorming with Chris Greta. He doesn’t just “think outside the box” – he has the unique ability to connect the dots when most of us can’t even see the dots. Over the years, he has certainly turned me into a firm believer that “everything is a marketing problem.”

Sam Goodner

President, FlashParking Inc.

“Chris Greta and his team really moved our company into the web-based world—with spectacular results. Chris has a real knack for adapting his dynamic and creative style into any industry and his cheerfulness and confident demeanor is unique.”

David Gregory

Rod & Gun Resources

“It’s a great story: I contacted Chris about doing work for him and was so, so impressed with his creative website that I hired him to do marketing work for me. Chris’s creativity is incredible. He opened my marketing eyes and designed a very creative, effective website and program from the photo sessions to the layout and graphics. He has a very talented team and excellent resources.”

Charlotte Yochem



This whole crazy concept was headed up by Chris Greta. He’s been in the creative business for nearly 30 years as an Art Director, Creative Director, working for big and small agencies and running his own shop. He’s won a lot of awards and branded over 200 companies. In all that time, he’s learned how to get up to speed quickly and see what nobody else sees.

And he’s got friends.

Senior Creatives, PR, Marketers, UX and more. Some of the most talented, experienced people in the business. All professionals that love the idea of working quickly without handcuffs. Get in, call on your unique talents and many years of experience, solve the problem and get out.

Startups Launched

Brands Created

Campaigns Launched


We’ve built over 200 of the little buggers. Seriously, over 200. Most of them grew and got absorbed by bigger companies. Some went public. Some failed miserably (through no fault of ours we might add!)

So we get what makes for a successful brand.

Web Marketing

We’ve been building Web sites since around 1995, when the rest of the planet was just thinking cyber was a cool word. We built sites for tech companies that had never had a site before. We watched the technology evolve and over and over and over. We know how to structure a site and build the messaging platform that will catch and keep a prospect.

Lead Generation

We get LeadGen. Our experience goes back to the 80s when lead generation meant direct mail, phone calls and ads, all working together to find the right audience with the right message. The methodology has evolved but the premise is the same. Get the right message to the right audience and make it easy to respond.


Because were based in Austin, TX, we’ve been involved in launching over 200 startups. Many came to us with little more than some cool technology and fresh funding.

Over and over again, we’ve dug into their offering, got to understand it quickly and built their brand from the ground up. More often than not, we named the company and all their offering nomenclature. We LOVE naming so if you’ve got something, throw it at us.

PR / Media

James C. Moore is one of the top PR and Media Messaging experts in the country. He can come in and create and implement a full media plan that will get you seen by millions. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who could come close.


I’ve built brands, campaigns, leadgen programs, tradshow strategy, direct response, PR campaigns, collateral, etc… etc… etc… for literally hundreds of clients.

Here’s a few.

MolsonCoors Microsoft Ball Corp Tantau Greenling Fringe Benefit Group Rod & Gun Resources Acton MBA Outernet Dazel Trilogy CMIT Solutions The Lead Dogs Tivoli Ventix Expresiv Surgient Emerson Access Mediquip Catholic Life Insurance Longmont Hospital StoredIQ Packet Design Colorado Springs Utilities Academy School District Worn by Gods NineRuns Adlucent Austin360 Sulzer Tabu Covasoft Crocs Transplace Tucker Valero Energy Grow Financial Headspring Mobile Powell Kimbia Rackspace Datical Alliance Data Invincea TDECU McInnis Cooper Miracle Foundation Towny A Glimmer of Hope HeroBracelets Cort Austin Ad Fed Ballet Austin Cisco City of Austin Cox Interactive Dell Framework Healthplan Hire.com LGE IBM Luminex Metrowerks Mission Critical Software Motorola Myriad Oracle Pearson Pervasive Selicor Stratfor Sun Microsystems University of Texas Afflow Ventix Vieo White Glove Healthcare

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